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Medical News & Perspectives – January 4, 1964
LSD Used As Analgesic

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The Psychedelic Science of Pain

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Facial Neuralgia May Be Linked to Vitamin B12 Deficiency

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UC Berkeley launches new center for psychedelic science and education

UC Berkley News 

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Canadian Government Will Respond To Psychedelics Decriminalization Petition

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From pot to shrooms: What’s next for decriminalization?

PubMed – May 4, 2020

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Gummies are getting very popular

Cannabis & Coffee with Tamarijuana

– Guest: Alison Myrden

Today Alison Myrden joins Tamara for more than Cannabis & Coffee as the ladies are also talking about the recent federal governments permission involving medical mushrooms

… Wednesday August 5th, 2020 … PACE RADIO

Cannabis & Coffee with Tamarijuana airs Wednesdays on PACE Radio

Psilocybin – Medicine

Canada Will Let Terminally Ill Patients Use Psychedelic Mushrooms For End-Of-Life Care

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Pioneering Psychedelic Researcher Once Again Paves the Way with Historic Psilocybin Study for End of Life Patients

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Alison has been talking about LEGALIZING ALL DRUGS Publically In the Media since 1994 … 

She is very excited to see they (Police and Government) are now Listening to what she envisioned 3 decades earlier … Great Work Alison!

Canada Should Legalize All Recreational Drugs

The social harms of prosecuting drug users far outweigh any public health benefits from prohibition

Police chiefs call on Ottawa to decriminalize possession of illicit drugs for personal use

Efforts should be directed at cracking down on drug trafficking, production, they say

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Why are Shrooms Illegal?

It’s been almost 50 years since shrooms were banned internationally, but recent developments suggest that the days of prohibition are numbered.

Keep safe distance between each other (6 feet)




YOU did it Canada
Thank You!

I am NOT done YET…

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Gandhi

“The Power of the People Is Greater Than the People in Power” … Wael Ghonim

Alison is the First Legally Prescribed Patient in the World to use Psilocybin as Medicine at 50 Grams per Day 10x the “Hero’s Dose”…


Alison Myrden Fights for Medical Psilocybin

 Alison Myrden is a medical cannabis advocate and psilocybin trailblazer.  Diagnosed with MS at the age of 28, she became one of the first people to receive a legal exemption to possess cannabis for medical use in the early 90’s. Alison suffers from a variety of other conditions including Trigeminal Neuralgia, which causes severe facial pain. She sees a specialist for neurological pain who has seen great improvement through the use of psilocybin.

While the positive effects of psilocybin for treating depression and anxiety are well-documented, the use of psilocybin for treating neurological pain, has not been studied to the same extent. Alison maintains that consuming psilocybin helps her neurological pain immensely, and supports more clinical trials to uncover other benefits.

Story from Lewin and Sagara LLP

For the MAGIC BULLET information > CLICK HERE <

MUST SEE VIDEOS – Alison is dealing with an excruciating Pain in her face known as Tri-Geminal Neuralgia … She needs help from someone in the Medical world that understands this terrible pain … GO TO VIDEOS > CLICK HERE

Brad Hailz from the Killin Time Band performs on April 20th, 2020 … 4/20 at 4:20 in 2020

A True Warrior Lost to the Global War on Drugs …

We Shall Always Remember
Charlotte Figi

Charlotte Figi, the girl who inspired a CBD movement, has died at aged 13.

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Still Standing!

(Left to Right)
Canada Day 2018 – 2019 – Current June 3, 2020


Alison’s Philosophy …

#IfYouAreGoingToLive LIVE

LSD. Good for your Health?
This Canadian researcher says it just might be — If you take enough

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Cannabis Use in Canada a Comparison Chart – What has Changed

Click Here – Chart

Cannabis users will drive into murky territory when they get behind the wheel

Read more here … In The News

Puff Jam August 10-12, 2018

Millgrove, Ontario

Alison will be speaking at 4:00 PM Saturday

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Cannabis shows promise blocking coronavirus infection: Alberta researcher

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‘There’s just no money coming in’: Cannabis sector bracing for wave of insolvencies in 2020

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Cannabis edibles set to be available at NSLC stores before Christmas – Nova Scotia

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NHS will start prescribing its first cannabis-based medicine for epilepsy in just three weeks after health bosses ‘fast-track’ funding

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Ontario eyes OK’ing cannabis lounges, cafes

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Five things to know about munching on cannabis edibles

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Ontario to ban flavoured vaping products from being sold in convenience stores

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USA Legal States for Cannabis

See Map of Where Cannabis is Legal in the USA

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Iconic Canadian Neil Young is finally a U.S. citizen, despite his cannabis use

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Cannabis edibles now available online through Ontario Cannabis Store

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Ontario Cannabis Store to begin selling edibles online Thursday

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A few chocolate bars, a cookie and tea: Ontario unveils new legal cannabis edibles

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Terminally ill Canadians apply for legal access to ‘magic mushrooms’ drug

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Psychedelic Drugs Can Improve Quality Of Life – And Death – For Older Adults

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The growing push for medical use of psilocybin in Canada

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MindMed Lists on NEO to Become World’s First Psychedelic Pharmaceutical Company to Go Public

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Cybin Partners With Toronto Centre For Psychedelic Science For Psilocybin Research Project

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Famed investor Michael Novogratz said psychedelics will be the next ‘short-term bubble’ after cannabis — and predicts Compass Pathways will go public this year

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The Doctors TV Show – Vaping and Vitamin E Acetate

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DC election board allows proposal to decriminalize psychedelics

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Psychedelics associated with reduction in problematic drug use: study …

‘Clinically reassuring’: Massive trial finds psilocybin safe for human consumption

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Is psychedelic medicine the future of therapy? – from Vogue On-line

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City of Santa Cruz Decriminalizes ‘Magic Mushrooms’ and Other Psychedelics

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High Stakes: Will The Legalization Of Psychedelics Mimic That Of Cannabis? Will It Learn From Its Mistakes?

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No pain is the biggest gain of all for psilocybin user Alison Myrden

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The Daily Shroom with Alison Myrden as a guest … CLICK HERE

4:20 – April 20th!

4/20: Live Coverage of the 2019 Cannabis Holiday in Canada – LEAFLY

Toronto’s largest 4/20 celebration is going down in Woodbine Park today – DAILY HIVE

First time Ever Globally with a Medical #MagicMushroom Authorization!

The Legalization Issue: From medpot to the next frontier – psychedelics as medicine

Full Story from Now Magazine – Go to Alison In The News

Alison was Speaking at Guelph University  on September 25, 2018

… at the Albert A. Thornbrough Building (Rm 1200) Professor Norman Dubeski Deviant Behaviour Class

Find it here

Alison SPOKE AT London, Ontario
at the Cannabis 101 Event

The BMO Centre – 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT – Wednesday July 25th, 2018

For more Information Click Here – Cannabis 101 Event – London ON

Legalizing hard drugs not a ‘panacea’ to opioids crisis, Justin Trudeau says

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Meet Robert ‘Rosie’ Rowbotham, Canada’s Weed Laureate

Read more here … In The News

Canada’s most storied pot felon ponders legalization

Our good friend Rosie Rowbotham … August 21, 2018

Rosie’s Story – In The News

See Rosie’s Story – The Toronto Star


Cannabis and Driving

August 9, 2018

With the soon to be Legal Cannabis in Canada there are many people concerned about Driving – Go to – Cannabis and Driving for the most recent articles and research