Alison is the First Legally Prescribed Patient in the World to use Psilocybin as Medicine at 50 Grams per Day 10x the “Hero’s Dose”…


Alison Myrden Fights for Medical Psilocybin

Alison Myrden is a medical cannabis advocate and psilocybin trailblazer.  Diagnosed with MS at the age of 28, she became one of the first people to receive a legal exemption to possess cannabis for medical use in the early 90’s. Alison suffers from a variety of other conditions including Trigeminal Neuralgia, which causes severe facial pain. She sees a specialist for neurological pain who has seen great improvement through the use of psilocybin.

While the positive effects of psilocybin for treating depression and anxiety are well-documented, the use of psilocybin for treating neurological pain, has not been studied to the same extent. Alison maintains that consuming psilocybin helps her neurological pain immensely, and supports more clinical trials to uncover other benefits.

Story from Lewin and Sagara LLP

… Here comes 2020!
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“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Gandhi

“The Power of the People Is Greater Than the People in Power” … Wael Ghonim

Still Standing!

(Left to Right)
Canada Day 2018 – Current 2019

Green PArty and Alison

Elizabeth has known about me and my fight since 2004, when she sent me a beautiful message after the Federal Election offering me a position in the Green Party here in Ontario and writing some very supportive and thoughtful comments.  I ran for Federal Office for the NDP here in Canada that year and more than doubled the Votes for the town I was running in (then, the wealthiest town in Canada at that time), Oakville Ontario.

Elizabeth has since called me at my home from Parliament Hill in February 2019, so I could talk to her SPECIFICALLY about LEGALIZING MagicMushrooms (psilocybin) for EVERYONE – NOT just patients like me.

I am RIGHT beside you my friends and like you, have been researching these issues for DECADES..…

Just finished some more #MagicMushroomTea and feeling groovy….  😀

Ali xx

Green Party would decriminalize all drug possession if elected – Go To Legalization

Green Party leader calls for decriminalization of drugs across Canada – Go To Legalization

To Our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the present sitting Canadian Government:

“Now that our Conservative Ontario Premier has ALLOWED Ontario to open ONLY 25 retail cannabis stores in Ontario until April 2019  due to the cannabis shortage, why doesn’t the FEDERAL Government legalize and regulate Dispensaries AND Craft Growers to fill the void?”

Alison Myrden

For the MAGIC BULLET information > CLICK HERE <

Alison’s Philosophy …

#IfYouAreGoingToLive LIVE


Famed investor Michael Novogratz said psychedelics will be the next ‘short-term bubble’ after cannabis — and predicts Compass Pathways will go public this year

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Move over, pot: Psychedelic drug companies gear up to list on Canadian stock exchanges

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DC election board allows proposal to decriminalize psychedelics

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Five things to know about munching on cannabis edibles

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Psychedelics associated with reduction in problematic drug use: study …

‘Clinically reassuring’: Massive trial finds psilocybin safe for human consumption

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Ontario to ban flavoured vaping products from being sold in convenience stores

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Is psychedelic medicine the future of therapy? – from Vogue On-line

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City of Santa Cruz Decriminalizes ‘Magic Mushrooms’ and Other Psychedelics

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See Map of Where Cannabis is Legal in the USA

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Iconic Canadian Neil Young is finally a U.S. citizen, despite his cannabis use

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Psychedelics: Can getting high improve your mental health?

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The Canadian revival of psychedelic drug research

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Penn State research shows medical marijuana may stop cancer cell growth

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In midst of overdose crisis, Canada doesn’t need to wait to decriminalize drugs: expert

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A Single Dose of Psilocybin Mushrooms Can Reduce Anxiety for Nearly Five Years

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Interesting Mushroom (not Psilocybin) – Lion’s Mane: A Mushroom That Improves Your Memory and Mood?

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Marijuana legalization wars kick off this week in Albany, New York

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Johns Hopkins Scientists Give Psychedelics the Serious Treatment

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The Trouble with Crime Statistics

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Cannabis edibles now available online through Ontario Cannabis Store

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Ontario Cannabis Store to begin selling edibles online Thursday

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Psychedelic Events Are Going Mainstream, Where The Much-Maligned Mushroom Industry Focuses On Mental Health

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Psilocybin in the News …

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What the future holds for medical psychedelics in Canada

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A few chocolate bars, a cookie and tea: Ontario unveils new legal cannabis edibles

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‘There’s just no money coming in’: Cannabis sector bracing for wave of insolvencies in 2020

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Cannabis edibles set to be available at NSLC stores before Christmas – Nova Scotia

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NHS will start prescribing its first cannabis-based medicine for epilepsy in just three weeks after health bosses ‘fast-track’ funding

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Legalizing hard drugs not a ‘panacea’ to opioids crisis, Justin Trudeau says

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Psilocybin, the Active Ingredient in ‘Magic Mushrooms, Could Treat Depression …

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Why Doctors Are Turning to Psychedelics to Treat Depression and Addiction

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Addiction Treatment Gets Psychedelic With ‘Shark Tank’ Investor-Approved Startup

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Health Canada says it hasn’t tested health effects of cannabis vaping but will release new products anyway

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Three quarters of teens who vape report using nicotine, marijuana, or multiple substances

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In one year, Canadians spent $908M on legal cannabis

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Cannabis and driving study casts doubt on zero-tolerance limits for THC

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Psychedelics: The Next Wave For Investors?

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Ontario to scrap pot shop lottery system, will open more stores in new year

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Frequently asked Question … Can we smoke cannabis where people smoke tobacco?

Puff in Public! Ontario Allows Adults to Smoke Weed Anywhere Tobacco Is Allowed

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Canadian cannabis group appeals to Trudeau to help fix industry challenges

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Can you say Affordability, Quality and Compassion?

Canopy Growth – Pot company Canopy Growth reports bigger loss on charges

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Great resource for reporters and policymakers discussing the overdose crisis and addiction – Leo Beletsky

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The top 4 health benefits of magic mushrooms

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Multiple sclerosis genomic map implicates peripheral immune cells and microglia in susceptibility

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‘Playing with fire’: What to know if you’re getting on a flight with cannabis

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Congress should lift the ban on medical cannabis access for military veterans

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Exhausting, expensive and cruel – this is what it’s like to travel abroad for medical cannabis

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Air Canada passengers ‘abandoned’ to deal with delays, cannabis possession after diverted flight

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Canopy Growth announces joint venture with Drake

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Will more legal pot stores snuff out the black market? Probably not, heavy users say
Social Sharing …

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Quebec raises legal consumption age for cannabis to 21

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One Year after Cannabis Legalization – Street Market Demand is Still Thriving

Demand for illegal cannabis still high, 1 year after legalization … CBC

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60 Minutes – Psilocybin Sessions: Psychedelics could help people with addiction and anxiety

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Drug Policy Report from Student for Sensible Drug Policy

See Chart >> Click Here

The good, the bad and the ugly from Canada’s first year of legal pot

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Puff luck: Provincial pot websites have hugely uneven supply and selection

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Next federal government needs to amend Cannabis Act, say First Nation chiefs
Social Sharing

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Why Do Magic Mushrooms Cause “The Yawns”?

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Cannabis and Psilocybin Chart – Medical Research from Queen’s University and University of British Columbia

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Toronto firm to build world’s first ‘magic mushroom’ research lab

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What are vaping-associated illnesses and why are doctors concerned?

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Spurned pot shop hopefuls going to court to challenge cannabis store lottery

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Black market pot entered CannTrust facility, flowed into legal market last year: Sources

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Feds be warned: lawyer John Conroy is targeting THC limits for cannabis edibles and extracts

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The Daily Shroom with Alison Myrden as a guest … CLICK HERE

John Conroy – Patient Questionnaire – CLICK HERE

N.W.T. falls short of cannabis revenue targets by more than 80%

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Canadian woman faces lifetime ban after getting caught with CBD oil at U.S. border

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Pot Industry Underestimates Old-School Dealers – Full story in Wall Street Journal

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Lottery for next wave of Ontario cannabis stores being held today … 50 new stores
– 42 new stores and 8 in First Nations reserves

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Chris Enns takes fight for medical marijuana to Nova Scotia Supreme Court –

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Calgary Folk Fest offers first ever legal cannabis consumption area

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Could magic mushrooms be the next drug legalized in Canada?

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New Roadside Cannabis Test Approved for Use in Canada

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Evicted Ontario tenant challenges ‘draconian’ pot law as unconstitutional

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Medical Cannabis Users Feel ‘Elbowed Out’ By Canada’s Legalization

The lack of supply concerns Canadians who rely on the medicine.

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Legal weed: Should past crimes be cleared?

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First Pot, Then Magic Mushrooms? Decriminalization is spreading …

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Cannabis edibles available for sale legally in mid-December

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Oakland residents won’t be busted for using ‘Magic Mushrooms’ and other psychedelic drugs

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Denver Magic Mushroom Vote! … 50.6% to 49.4% YES!!! Yay it’s Changing!!

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Health Canada allows more religious groups to import psychedelic ayahuasca

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Global Marijuana march – Toronto 2019

Start one in Your Neighbourhood … We did in 1999 and the rest of the World Followed!

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Retailers struggle to keep CBD on shelves in Canada

Why Do think Alison can’t count on LP’s … There are More Reliable Sources for Her to Get what She Needs …

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Mike Smith “Bubbles” from The Trailer Park Boys starts a Go-Fund-Me for Fan with CLUSTER HEADACHEs aka ‘SUICIDE HEADACHE’ TREATMENT

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Man challenges Ontario pot rules, says they exclude those with disabilities

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4:20 – April 20th!

4/20: Live Coverage of the 2019 Cannabis Holiday in Canada – LEAFLY

Toronto’s largest 4/20 celebration is going down in Woodbine Park today – DAILY HIVE

Cannabis smokers get more bong for their buck at bud-and-breakfasts with a different vibe

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Pot is now legal in Ontario. Here’s what you need to know

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Critics say sticker shock at cannabis prices will push customers back to the black market

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First legal cannabis lounge in Ontario to be staged in middle of a beer festival

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Pot stores are now legal in Ontario

— get ready for lineups, shortages and delayed openings

The Decriminalization Train Keeps Rolling – Up Next Psilocybin?

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Marijuana use on the rise in Ontario even before legalization: survey

Pot pardon legislation coming soon: Goodale

Bill would provide ‘no-cost, expedited pardons for simple possession’

Catharine Tunney · CBC News · 

Canadians will soon have a better sense of how the Liberals’ plan to speed up and lower the cost of certain marijuana-related pardons will work.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale tweeted Wednesday that he intends to give notice to introduce “a bill to provide no-cost, expedited pardons for simple possession of cannabis,” following up on promise made in October.

According to parliamentary procedure, a member must give 48 hours written notice before introducing legislation in the House of Commons.

A spokesperson for the minister said that means that bill could be tabled as early as Friday.

The Liberal government first signalled its plans to waive the fee and waiting period for Canadians seeking a pardon for a past conviction for simple pot possession the day recreational marijuana was legalized last year.

As it stands, the fee for normal record suspensions is $631. The waiting period to apply is usually five years for a summary offence and 10 years for an indictable offence.

According to a 2014 study, more than 500,000 Canadians have a criminal record for having pot on their person.

Goodale has previously said the bill would “shed the burden and stigma” and break down barriers to jobs, education, housing or volunteer work.

However, the bill has already received criticism from the NDP.

A record suspension does not erase the fact that a person was convicted of a crime, but keeps the record separate from other criminal records.

The NDP has been calling for the expungement of criminal records, which would erase the criminal conviction entirely.

From CBC

Psilocybin Could Be Legal for Therapy by 2021

The psychoactive ingredient in magic mushrooms could soon be legal to use in a clinical setting


For the first time in U.S. history, a psychedelic drug is on the fast track to getting approved for treating depression by the federal government. Late last month, Compass Pathways, a U.K.-based company that researches and develops mental health treatments, announced the FDA granted them what’s called a “breakthrough therapy designation” for their trials into psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms.

Researchers who pioneered psychedelic science agree — this is a landmark moment for their field.

“It really does represent a significant development in the whole history of psychedelic research,” says University of California, Los Angeles psychiatry and behavioral sciences professor Charles Grob, who conducted foundational psilocybin trials at UCLA in the mid-2000s.

To Grob and others, the FDA’s recognition of psilocybin isn’t just about psilocybin; It indicates a larger shift in how the federal government perceives psychedelic drugs. Researchers only began receiving approval to investigate psychedelics in the 90s, after they were banned from science for decades due to their association with Woodstock-era iconoclasts.

In August 2017, the FDA gave its first indication that times were changing when it granted MDMA — often confused with ecstasy — a breakthrough therapy designation for post-traumatic stress disorder. Researchers now see both the success of MDMA and psilocybin as a sign that “the psychedelic renaissance,” the resurgence of psychedelic drug research, is finally helping psychedelic medicine receive the recognition it deserves.

Rick Doblin, founder of the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) and a psychedelic research pioneer, predicts that MDMA and psilocybin could now both be legal by 2021. They wouldn’t be legalized for prescription, but, rather, legalized to be administered by therapists who have been trained in what’s called “psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.” In the case of psilocybin, a therapist or therapy team meets with the patient prior to their trip to psychologically prepare them; monitors them throughout their trip (typically eight hours or so); and then helps them process their experience afterwards.

If Compass is successful, psilocybin will be approved by the FDA for patients with treatment-resistant depression, or patients who have not responded to traditional anti-depressants. Part of the reason Compass received a breakthrough therapy designation is because there’s a dire need for novel depression treatments in the U.S.

Sixteen million Americans suffer from depression and approximately one-third of them are treatment-resistant. Depression is also an epidemic worldwide, affecting 300 million people around the globe.

Psilocybin has already proven effective as a mental health treatment in cancer patients suffering from end-of-life distress. Johns Hopkins University, New York University, and UCLA have all conducted trials which have consistently found that a significant number of patients saw their depression and anxiety decrease, if not fully go away, while ranking their trips among the most meaningful experiences of their lives, alongside events like the birth of a first child.

The data from these trials, among others, was used by Compass to receive FDA approval. Researchers are careful to point out, however, that these trials, conducted in cancer patients with end-of-life distress, have limited application for treatment-resistant depression among the general population. There’s only been one promising trial, conducted at the Imperial College London in 2015, looking specifically at treatment-resistant depression — but that only looked at 12 people.

Compass is determined to change that — quickly — and they’re already having unprecedented success in the psychedelic field. They aim to enroll 216 participants in their next round of trials. They have research sites in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, with the intention of getting psilocybin approved for prescription in Europe, too. Notably, they’re also backed by billionaires including Peter Thiel and ex-hedge fund manager Michael Novogratz, an indication to some researchers in the field that psychedelics have gone mainstream.

There’s only one other organization in the U.S. that’s close to developing a classic psychedelic — MDMA is not considered one of them — into a treatment: a research nonprofit called the Usona Institute. They, too, have received FDA approval for their psilocybin trials in the hopes of getting psilocybin approved for anyone with depression, not just those who are treatment-resistant. Doblin says Compass getting breakthrough therapy designation status should help Usona, or anyone else who wants, get it too.

There’s consensus among the psychedelic community that Compass’ success with the FDA will make it easier for everyone else in the field to get approved for research. If Compass continues to succeed and gets psilocybin approved for depression, Doblin predicts it will be eligible for “off label” prescription, in which doctors will be able to prescribe it for any condition they see fit. That means all the psilocybin research conducted for academic purposes could be used to prescribe psilocybin for conditions like addiction to cigarettes or alcohol.

For the last decade or so, psychedelic pioneers have trodden lightly, concerned that at any moment they might once again lose the freedom to conduct their life’s work. But now, it appears they’ve come too far to go back — and the federal government is finally recognizing it, too.

Canada’s chronic shortage of legal cannabis expected to drag out for years


One industry insider expects shortage to continue until 2022, as more legal cannabis diverted to edibles

Canada’s licensed producers are growing more cannabis than ever. But they still aren’t making enough to balance supply and demand. (Derek Hooper/CBC)

Canada’s persistent shortage of legal cannabis could drag on for years. The impending legalization of edible pot will only divert more product away from empty store shelves across the country. One industry insider said he now expects that shortage to endure until 2022.

“If it was just the current product set, I’d say a year to 18 months,” said Chuck Rifici, CEO of the Toronto-based cannabis company Auxly.

“But because we have edibles and a bunch of new product types coming in October, I think it’ll be the better part of three years before we have true equilibrium and oversupply in the space.”

Licensed producers have been adding capacity in droves. Millions of square feet of new greenhouse space has been built since last summer. But for every new gram produced, new demand is piling up as well.

“The medical cannabis market still grows by about five per cent a month,” said Rifici. “We have about 300,000 Canadians accessing medically, so that’s a drain on the system, as well as international exports that are starting to amplify.”

Edibles industry ramps up

Meanwhile, the edible cannabis side of the industry is only starting to ramp up. The makers ofCorona beer and Kim Crawford wines teamed up with Canopy Growth and expect to roll out cannabis-infused beer and wine. Budweiser partnered with Tilray, and Molson-Coors created their own joint venture with Quebec-based Hexo.

Cannabis-infused food and drink promises to open a whole new segment of the market. A recent report by Deloitte found 49 per cent of probable cannabis users in Canada are willing to try edibles. But that growth comes with a whole new batch of regulations and expectations.

It may take as many as three years before licensed producers are growing enough to supply the recreational, medicinal and edible markets. (Jeff McIntosh/Canadian Press)

Health Canada will require strict rules around shelf life and refrigeration. There will be specific rules around doses per serving. And that’s where Kevin Letun and Pacific Rim Brands hope to step in. His company has partnered with labs at the University of British Columbia in Kelowna and the British Columbia Institute of Technology to dig into the science behind all that.

“Because this is a brand new consumer product and it’s utilizing a schedule-1 drug that’s been illegal for the last 80 years, consumers are going to want to trust the brand that they’re going to be trying in the future,” said Letun.

Right now, Pacific Rim Brands is working on getting the specific formulations for these products. Once that’s completed, the company expects to start human testing to gather data. Essentially, the company is aiming to have formulations ready and approved this summer.

“Then, our goal is to look to either license these to existing beverage companies, potentially licensed producers or even develop our own brands,” said Letun.

When the legal recreational market opened on Oct. 17, 2018, stores like this one in NWT quickly sold out of product. (Hilary Bird/CBC)

Letun said edibles will prove to be a much larger segment of the industry than the current smokeable pot.

“In the next ten years, you’re going to see the smokeable cannabis (comprising) maybe only 10 to 20 per cent of the market,” he said.

He expects edibles and infused drinks will take off once legalized. And he said that will go well beyond cannabis-infused beer and wine.

“There are so many other applications on the medicinal side too, when it comes to sleep aids or sports recovery when it comes to inflammation, pain, sports recovery.”

Public consultations into the legalization of edible cannabis are open now and are expected to conclude at the end of February. As rules become more clear, the summer will see another surge on demand as companies look to get products ready for a market expected to open up on October 17.

It has only been three months since cannabis was legalized in Canada. There’s something to be said for the fact that the highest profile issue to stem from such an enormous change in drug policy is a lack of supply.

That issue is moving toward resolution, perhaps more slowly than expected.

Hamilton Ontario, Canada to Receive 4 of the 25 Cannabis Stores in the Ontario Cannabis Lottery

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Shoppers Drug Mart starts selling medical marijuana online January 8th, 2019!

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Doctors could tap ‘shrooms to relieve pain

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Cannabis Lottery takes place this Friday – January 11th, 2019

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What police are getting wrong about pot-impaired driving

Cannabis and Driving

Cannabis stores to be phased in with a lottery for licences, Ford government says

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Why are so many countries now saying cannabis is OK?

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Shoppers Drug Mart gets medical pot licence from Health Canada

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Why three of Canada’s Big Cannabis firms scored low on corporate governance rankings

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Canada is still using the military to eradicate illegal weed crops

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Politics Briefing: Mexico the next in line to legalize cannabis

Ontario ombudsman gets more than 1,000 complaints about cannabis store

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Ontario woman upset after legal cannabis shipment arrived late and mouldy

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Russia Leads Anti-Drug Bloc’s Condemnation of Canadian Cannabis Legalization

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Canada-wide cannabis shortages could last years, producers warn

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How Canada Legalized Weed

It’s one of Justin Trudeau’s few policy wins, but he doesn’t deserve all—or even much—of the credit. SHARE TWEET

#TogetherWeDid ! ! !

Legal Cannabis in Canada October 17th!

Alison’s usual Battle Globally, Medical Cannabis …

Why Is Canada Giving All Its Weed Taxes to Cops?

Go To Alison In The News

Legal cannabis is here, it’s time to answer some burning questions – CBC NEWS

Tune in Tuesday for Second Part of this Series –

  • WATCH: A special one-hour presentation of The National Conversation will air Tuesday Oct. 16 at 8 p.m. ET on CBC News Network and streamed online

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CBC Radio One – Toronto, Oct 13, 2018

Our Good Friend Robert “Rosie” Rowbotham talks about
Legalization In Canada on October 17, 2018

CBC Radio – Day 6

No pain is the biggest gain of all for psilocybin user Alison Myrden

Full Story from Psillow – Go to Alison In The News

A team of Johns Hopkins researchers is calling for magic mushrooms to be made legally available as medicine

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First time Ever Globally with a Medical #MagicMushroom Authorization!

The Legalization Issue: From medpot to the next frontier – psychedelics as medicine

Full Story from Now Magazine – Go to Alison In The News

Ontario government to allow pot smoking wherever tobacco smoking allowed

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Alison was Speaking at Guelph University  on September 25, 2018

… at the Albert A. Thornbrough Building (Rm 1200) Professor Norman Dubeski Deviant Behaviour Class

Find it here

New Clinical Study of Cluster Headaches, Investigating the Efficacy of Psilocybin, is Now Recruiting Participants

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The science of psilocybin and its use to relieve suffering – YouTube

Watch Video on YouTube

Drug danger chart shows which drugs you should never mix, and which you totally should

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A Complete List Of The Punishments For Driving High On Marijuana In Every Canadian Province

Some provinces are more severe than others.

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Lawyer urges B.C. Supreme Court to toss application to close medical marijuana dispensaries

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Meet Robert ‘Rosie’ Rowbotham, Canada’s Weed Laureate

Read more here … In The News

Canada’s most storied pot felon ponders legalization

Our good friend Rosie Rowbotham … August 21, 2018

Rosie’s story – In The News