Alison is eligible for the MAID Program … Medical Assistance In Dying … but Alison wants to LIVE! …
Please help her in her fight for Medicine of her choice

THREE Conditions Alison
suffers from

*see links for more information

Alison suffers from: Cluster headaches, Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosisbilateral Trigeminal Neuralgia  this can be associated with MS (less than 4% of the people afflicted with MS will get Trigeminal Neuralgia)

Trigeminal Neuralgia: World’s most painful Disease

*Alison suffers from this – See Video below

Dana Larsen!

Vancouver to reinstate business licence of illegal magic mushroom dispensary

Alison’s latest – Irish Canna Clinic
From Barcelona, Spain – February 2, 2024

Irish Canna Clinic – Cannabis and Psilocybin as Medicine



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Germany legalises possession of cannabis for personal use

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Germany’s Government Coalition Reaches Final Deal On Cannabis Legalization

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CBC video – What’s behind the push for Magic Mushrooms?

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Canadian firms in line to supply psychedelics for Australia’s Authorized Prescriber Scheme

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I Went to Rehab for Alcoholism 18 Times. Only Psychedelics Helped

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Study finds 79% of Canadians support the therapeutic use of psilocybin for people at the end of life

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Most medical cannabis users aren’t going the prescription route, raising safety concerns: Manitoba-led study

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Cocaine: Swiss capital Bern may allow sales as ‘the war on drugs has failed’

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Magic mushrooms are following a path well-trodden by cannabis

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SAD NEWS … an absolute disgrace …

Those patients Who relied on the services and products are hit hard again …

Both the Mushroom Cabinet and Shroomyz are now closed, with cooperation from landlords, the locks have been changed and Hamilton Police signage installed indicating that any entry could result in Break and Enter or other applicable charges. Oct 6, 2023

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Could magic mushrooms be an alternative to medical assistance in dying?

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Federal Court ruling sets back health workers seeking psilocybin mushroom access

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A Series of Harm Reduction Videos from Dr. Carhart-Harris

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September 19th, 2023

Alison is interviewed by Dean Becker from Texas –  the Drug Truth Network

Alison’s latest Interview – from California, USA – Cup of Joe Podcast
Visit the Website – The Human Solution International

Alison in the News –

Burlington woman with MS says police busts at magic mushroom stores limit access to vital medicine

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Alison’s interview – From Toronto, Ontario, Canada

link to the – Podcast episode

on Apple  — On Apple

Website — Russell Bennett’s Website

2023 – Continuing to Educate the WORLD on the importance of Drug Law Reform with Natural substances.

Make 2023 be the Year of Change!

“The POWER of the PEOPLE is GREATER than the PEOPLE in POWER!

*See some of Alison’s past memories on her Flashback page!


*Alison is one of the first 20 patients to get a licence to use Cannabis as medicine Through Health Canada In March 1994

*Alison is also the first person in the world to be aUthorized through her Doctors in April 2017 to use Psilocybin as medicine for the excruciating Neurological pain she has been suffering from for over 35 years 24 hours a day

Toronto wants to expand drug decriminalization to cover all ages and substances

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Legendary Cannabis Chemist Raphael Mechoulam Passes Away in Israel at 92

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Alison Spoke at a Therasil Event in Toronto on February 24, 2023

Watch the Videos here – Pyschedelic Event in Toronto

Feb 24 – The Road to Legal Psychedelics:
A Panel Discussion!

Hear from lawyers, healthcare workers, and those with first-hand experience of transformational and legal psychedelic therapy!

Get your tickets here – The Road to Legal Psychedelics


Countries around the world have legalized cannabis.

Guess what could be next
Psychedelics such as psilocybin, ketamine, LSD and MDMA are lately being discussed because of their alleged potential to treat mental health disorders.

Thursday, February 16 2023

Global sales of antidepressant drugs are expected to exceed $20 billion by 2030. Now, some investors are betting that psychedelic therapies can grab a share of that enormous market.

Due to their mind-bending qualities, substances like psilocybin, ketamine, LSD and MDMA remain illegal in most of the world.

That may help explain why markets are showing strong doubts about the industry. A CNBC examination of seven psychedelic stocks that trade in the United States found that most of them are close to their 52-week lows as of mid-February, with some more than 80% lower than their 52-week highs.

But venture firms that invest in the new industry are standing by the drugs.

“Psychedelic healthcare is a very exciting area because it’s really this apex of drugs, clinics and experimental treatments,” said Clara Burtenshaw, a partner at Neo Kuma Ventures, the largest European venture capital fund that invests in psychedelic companies such as Atai Life Sciences and Compass Pathways.

As interest from the medical community and investors grows, what’s next for the psychedelic therapy market? Watch the video above to find out.

From – CNBC

Mental health treatments: Australia OKs MDMA, psilocybin, but what does this mean?

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Alison on The Conversation, Cannabis & Christianity Podcast with Miguel Torrez from Florida, USA


What you need to know about the decriminalization of possessing illicit drugs in B.C.

B.C. granted exemption by federal government in November 2022; pilot will run until 2026

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”

originated with Mahatma Gandhi.

Alison is a Guest on Open Your Eye – with Kim and Terra

Alison’s letter to NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh – December 11, 2022

Open PDF – Click here

Hamilton’s first magic mushroom store opens

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ALison on CHCH News – November 1, 2022
Ontario, Canada
– Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybin)

Alison on – CHCH News

Alison is still fighting for affordable Medicine and is working hard with her lawyers to be able to use her choice of medicine and pave the way for everyone else to get the same safe access.

Germany announces plan to legalise cannabis for recreational use

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See the Statistics for 2022 Click on this link – 2022 Global State of Harm Reduction

Breaking News!

In move toward decriminalization, Biden pardons thousands for ‘simple possession’ of marijuana

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NEW Request!

As of SEPTEMBER 19th, 2022 I am pursuing a NEW Section 56 exemption with my Lawyers from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act at Health Canada for the medical use of Psilocybin found in Magic Mushrooms!

Liberal government launches review of Cannabis Act — a year late

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CBC – Magic Mushroom Update

A Legal Play for ‘Shrooms in Canada Could Make Waves in the US

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Canada’s Fight for the Medical Use of Psilocybin Could Move to Court, Reminiscent of Cannabis

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Health Canada dragging feet on approving magic mushrooms for therapeutic use, patients and advocates say

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UPDATE! – from the Medical Cannabis breech of Privacy Class action lawsuit

See Update at – Sutts Strosberg Website

b.c. gets approval for legal possession of small amounts of street drugs as deaths soar.

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House Passes Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana

The legislation, which faces an uncertain outlook in the Senate, would also establish a process to expunge prior marijuana-related convictions.

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Alison on The Conversation, Cannabis & Christianity podcast with Miguel Torrez

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BIG News!

1st patient in Quebec gets approval from Health Canada for magic mushroom therapy

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More BIG News

Terminally ill B.C. patients the first in Canada to consume legal supply of magic mushrooms

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Alison Myrden submits to the Minister of Health a s. 56 application to grow 50 grams/ day of psilocybin mushrooms

Download Alison Section 56 Statement here – PDF
September 28, 2021 Go To Psilocybin-Magic Mushrooms


Alison on CTV this Morning – circa 2014

* See Alison on The John Dore Show in 2009 – Go To Videos

Pod Cast: Open Your Eye – Alison and her Lawyers Paul Lewin & Jack Lloyd along with Henria Stephens from Cannabis & Psychedelics Law Firm join Hosts Cindy Howell & Kim Cooper to discuss the Law, psychedelics and patient exemptions.

Patient Spotlight: Alison Myrden

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After crime plummeted in 2020, Baltimore will stop drug, sex prosecutions

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