2023 – Continuing to Educate the WORLD on the importance of Drug Law Reform with Natural substances.

Make 2023 be the Year of Change!

“The POWER of the PEOPLE is GREATER than the PEOPLE in POWER!

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”

originated with Mahatma Gandhi.

Alison is a Guest on Open Your Eye – with Kim and Terra

Alison’s letter to NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh – December 11, 2022

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Hamilton’s first magic mushroom store opens

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ALison on CHCH News – November 1, 2022
Ontario, Canada
– Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybin)

Alison on CHCH News

Alison is still fighting for affordable Medicine and is working hard with her lawyers to be able to use her choice of medicine and pave the way for everyone else to get the same safe access.

Germany announces plan to legalise cannabis for recreational use

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See the Statistics for 2022 Click on this link – 2022 Global State of Harm Reduction

Breaking News!

In move toward decriminalization, Biden pardons thousands for ‘simple possession’ of marijuana

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NEW Request!

As of SEPTEMBER 19th, 2022 I am pursuing a NEW Section 56 exemption with my Lawyers from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act at Health Canada for the medical use of Psilocybin found in Magic Mushrooms!

Liberal government launches review of Cannabis Act — a year late

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CBC – Magic Mushroom Update

A Legal Play for ‘Shrooms in Canada Could Make Waves in the US

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Canada’s Fight for the Medical Use of Psilocybin Could Move to Court, Reminiscent of Cannabis

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Health Canada dragging feet on approving magic mushrooms for therapeutic use, patients and advocates say

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UPDATE! – from the Medical Cannabis breech of Privacy Class action lawsuit

See Update at – Sutts Strosberg Website

b.c. gets approval for legal possession of small amounts of street drugs as deaths soar.

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House Passes Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana

The legislation, which faces an uncertain outlook in the Senate, would also establish a process to expunge prior marijuana-related convictions.

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Alison on The Conversation, Cannabis & Christianity podcast with Miguel Torrez

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BIG News!

1st patient in Quebec gets approval from Health Canada for magic mushroom therapy

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More BIG News

Terminally ill B.C. patients the first in Canada to consume legal supply of magic mushrooms

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Alison Myrden submits to the Minister of Health a s. 56 application to grow 50 grams/ day of psilocybin mushrooms

Download Alison Section 56 Statement here – PDF
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Alison on CTV this Morning – circa 2014

* See Alison on The John Dore Show in 2009 – Go To Videos

Master P Says People Shouldn’t Be Locked Up For Marijuana Offenses
… Weed Like Them Freed!!!

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Biden Finally Grants Relief To People With Federal Marijuana And Drug Convictions After More Than A Year In Office

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Trigeminal Neuralgia: Worlds most painful Disease – Alison suffers from this
– See Video below

Thailand To Legalize Recreational Cannabis

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Why Is This Magic Mushroom About to Save Humanity?

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A look back 2013 – The Canadian Cannabis Connection – Patients of the MMAR

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Canada Regulators Ease Access to Psychedelic Drugs

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Pharmaceutical-grade psychedelics are coming to your medicine cabinet

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New Hope for TGN Suffers

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Octopuses Rolling on MDMA Reveal Unexpected Link to Humans

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Could magic mushrooms be the next marijuana?

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People ‘microdosing’ on psychedelics to improve wellbeing during pandemic

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It’s a Start – Alison supports full Legalization and Regulation of all Drugs –

Civil society organizations release drug decriminalization platform for Canada

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Is the ‘War on Drugs’ over? Canada is seeing a ‘shift’ in its approach to drugs, experts say

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‘Magic’ Mushrooms, Ecstasy and Other Psychedelics Could Become Legal in California

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Toronto’s top doctor recommends decriminalizing possession of small amounts of drugs

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Metaphysics and mushrooms: Psychedelics can change how you think about the universe

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Psychedelic experience dose-dependently modulated by cannabis: results of a prospective online survey

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Woman’s tumour shrank after taking CBD oil daily for more than two years: case study

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Canadian entrepreneur gifts $5 million to help create psychedelic research centre for mental health

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Mark Messier on leadership, trust and magic mushrooms

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CBC – Cross Country Checkup with Ian Hanomansing
3 Years after Legalization …

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CTV – W-5 Ketamine and psilocybin, better known as party drugs, showing promise for treatment of mood disorders

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CTV- W-5 Psychedelic Healing Parts 1 & 2

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Regular Cannabis Users Drive As Safely As Sober People, New Study Suggests

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Pod Cast: Open Your Eye – Alison and her Lawyers Paul Lewin & Jack Lloyd along with Henria Stephens from Cannabis & Psychedelics Law Firm join Hosts Cindy Howell & Kim Cooper to discuss the Law, psychedelics and patient exemptions.

Patient Spotlight: Alison Myrden

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After crime plummeted in 2020, Baltimore will stop drug, sex prosecutions

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