My Story …


My name is Alison Myrden.

I am a 53 year old woman, a retired Corrections Officer and one of Canada’s first Legal medical cannabis patients from 1994 for the indication of chronic progressive multiple sclerosis and the “most violent pain known to medicine” – Bilateral Trigeminal Neuralgia.

I have had this excruciating pain in BOTH sides of my face and head twenty-four hours a day, associated with MS for the last, almost 30 years NON-stop.  I have had MS diagnosed to back before the age of ten years old.

I turned to cannabis as my medicine in the early 1990’s (in my late 20’s) because the 32 pills a day, two thousand milligrams of morphine a day, heroin AND cocaine the Doctors were giving me for almost two decades previously were FAR too much for me then AND would have had DEADLY results – IF – I had stayed on them.  (I was already nailed to my electric wheelchair and suffering greatly from symptoms of chronic progressive MS…)

In June 2014 my Legal cannabis garden was taken down ILLEGALLY in Burford, Ontario by the Brant County OPP, ending my supply of cannabis as medicine ABRUPTLY –  sadly, which continues, to this day.  My Legal Grower, at that time, a former Police Officer, had all charges stayed and myself and another patient involved have brought the information to the proper people to hopefully, resolve this Legally.

Cannabis has been my main medicine through my Health Practitioners for over two and a half decades and I can NOT go without it.  When I do, my health deteriorates substantially, very quickly.

I have been teaching Doctors and Scientists as well as lay people around the World for decades, how much cannabis as medicine can improve our quality of life when we are suffering from a plethora of medical issues.

Sadly now, my health continues to deteriorate as a result of my shortfall in medical cannabis.  For some time now, I have been back on some of the deadly pHARMaceuticals I had avoided for so many years, ALL due to severe insufficiency of cannabis medicine.

If it were not for the compassionate people of Canada supplying me with cannabis on a “once in a blue moon basis” for the last few years – I may not even be here!

Over the last three plus years, I have struggled to make it up my 13 really steep stairs just to get to bed and/or use my facilities, have had serious problems with SEVERE nausea, the inability to stay on my feet, lack of energy, loss of bladder and bowel control again, EXCRUCIATING pain AND so much more due to an inadequate to non-existent supply of the cannabis medicines I had been consuming LEGALLY for DECADES before that!

I am becoming more and more trepidatious when speaking with other patients across Canada about “the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purpose Regulations” (ACMPR) Program here in our Country due once again to the FACT that Licensed Producers have priced our medicine FAR out of reach of the hands of the average LEGAL medical cannabis patient, making affordability a KEY factor. I am one of the many in our Country who is NOT able to tend my own garden and/or grow my own medicine.  I have also not been able to find or retain in any way, a Legal Grower since the Police involvement with my LAST Garden.  There are MANY issues, from the cost of these products offered by the LICENSED PRODUCERS at EXORBITANT prices, to the pesticides and moulds/mildew that have been found in their product, to lack of choice in product on back!

These issues have forced people into unattainable positions regarding our “Prescribed Medicine” (cannabis) as most patients are covered under full Disability and cannot afford (either physically or financially) to fight for our Liberty and our HEALTH!

In conclusion, thank you for taking the time to learn about one of the MANY atrocities involving the marginalized here in Canada and helping us to find amicable and solid resolutions.


Alison Myrden​

Federal Medical Cannabis Exemptee in Canada since 1994


Retired Law Enforcement Officer

Speaker for LPP
Lawmen Protecting Patients

Canadian Patient Representative for the IACM
International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines
Bonn, Germany

Alison Myrden is part of the marijuana majority. Are you?

NDP Candidate for Oakville, Ontario 2004
New Democratic Party of Canada